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  2. Book: Schrodinger's Cat Trilogy
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Tag: Brisbane

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Book: Schrodinger's Cat Trilogy

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Forte # by Forte Mag - Issuu

Bk colloq. L16 Brit. Bk Amer. M20 sl. E17 Brit. Indies sl. M15 sl. L17 Brit. E17 sl. Hot, slicked up, that mouth had no trouble taking him right now past the tonsils and into the throat! Oh, God! Spike shuddered as he came, he had never had a climax this intense before, the nasty stink of the restroom, the talented mouth, the feel of his buddy holding him, it all was so, so sexual, so perverted, so GOOD!

His orgasm done, he slumped, and Jam Crank nearly carted him away from that still-sucking mouth that held his organ in thrall, it flapped stickily against his jeans. Spike staggered over to the sink and grasped the filthy edge and panted. Over at the gloryhole, Jam Crank was getting his. Spike saw those slim hips jammed against the greasy stall wall, the jeans open at the hole, and the barest glimpse of his pink shaft between the open jeans and the hole. Jam Crank had his hands at the top of the stall and the moans sliding from his lips gave Spike a hard-on all over again.

Was he queer for his friend?

Fiancés Reveal Their Sexual Fantasies

God, he was getting hard all over again! Maybe he could get Bovey to suck him again when Jam Crank was done. He went over to where Jam Crank was standing, he wanted to be with Jam Crank when he shot. An odd grin was on his face. And the stall door swung open. Bovey grabbed for the door, but Jam Crank had hold of it and opened it wide to reveal the man who had just given them a hell of a great blow job!

Fucking Christ! Hammer, the leader of their gang, the main man, the one who could get them both kacked with a word to any number of people, and they were looking at him sitting on a dirty toilet seat, his lips stained with their jizz.

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Shivaree--When the ranch foreman gets married, the cowhands set up a surprise shivaree for him, which involves putting him in bed with one of their own for a very different kind of honeymoon. Space Hogs--Clinton McAuliffe is the foreman of a crew building a relay station on an isolated world.

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His crew of men were already a powder keg of frustrated lusts building up, and the arrival of the too-pretty holovision actor only lights the fuse! The Money Shot--Dirk and Yuri are two brawny construction workers enticed by money into performing a gay porn movie with each other. The Ringer--Matlock is a coal miner in a dangerous job when the company sends in a ringer to spy on the unionists Just Need a Ride--The young punk just needs a ride, but the man offering him a ride has a need of his own and both get more than they planned on!

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The God's Favor--His city-state is in danger and their god of war has not answered their prayers to be saved from the invader. It falls to the soldier Marnius to convince the god to intercede, by any means necessary. Forward in Reverse--He's had to move back to his old home town and care for his aged mother, going from an out and proud gay man to a closet case all over again.

A Good Pit Crew--"Kruzer" Kent is a racer, whose sponsor has given him a beautiful car with two young identical-twin sons as his new pit crew. Kent sets out to test his new pit crew to see how well they work together, whether on his car or in other ways. Borrowing the Car—When his mother needs to borrow the neighbor's car, she sends our hero to ask, to find the neighbor wants some help of his own. Aggression Issues--Armstrong doesn't need a friend to talk out his anger with, he needs a buddy he can take it out on!

And his new neighbor and newest best friend turns out to be just what he needed! The Stalker--Chris Haversham is a construction worker who's had a miserable day on the job. At home, he tries to unwind with a little self-pleasure, but when he finds a stalker lurking in his closet, he has a better way to unwind!