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But details have yet to be decided and clinical trials are set to begin later this year. Mr Meloy has not yet tested the device on men, but said there is no reason to think that it could not be used to achieve the same result. A Minneapolis-based company called Medtronic is set to conduct the medical trials but Mr Meloy said that the treatment is intended to be used in the most serious cases of orgasmic dysfunction because it is as invasive as a pacemaker.

However, Dr Pfaus said that as teenagers currently endure painful operations to enlarge their breasts, they are likely to endure invasive surgery to reach orgasm more easily. A surgical implant could be triggered by a hand-held remote control, delivering orgasms at the push of a button illustrated and it could even be programmed to deliver a number of orgasms per week or per day.

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And today Elton lifts the lid on the love-hate relationship that lasted a lifetime. Would YOU have an E-spot implant?

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Scientists build orgasm machine that delivers a climax at the push of a button A surgeon in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, came up with the idea for the device, which could be used to treat orgasmic dysfunction The machine includes a medical implant a little smaller than a packet of cigarettes that requires an operation to work Medical trials are expected to begin later this year in Minneapolis By Sarah Griffiths Published: BST, 5 March Updated: BST, 5 March e-mail View comments.

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And today Elton lifts the lid on the love-hate relationship that lasted a lifetime Ali Bastian is pregnant! I just think that because they are coming from a larger spiritual practice that invovles a LOT more than just sex… that they use a lot of metaphorical language probably the same kind of language their teachers used, and their teachers before them that makes sense to them, but that most of us miss in the translation….

I am now absolutely convinced that I can teach ANY man to last as long as he and his partner can stand the pleasure… and that ANY man can learn to have mind-splitting, vocal chord straining orgasms… over and over again, without losing his erection. The fact is, most of these techniques actually take some practice. It would be like learning to play basketball just by reading a book.

At the end of those three weeks, if you follow the program, your results will be staggering. And I make that statement with the full PROOF of knowing that it has worked for virtually everyone who went through the pilot program. The main thing is… this system is simple and it is learnable and it is do-able by you or by any other guy.

Surprisingly, most men are held back from achieving total ejaculation control because of their limiting beliefs… not because they have some physical limitation with not being able to maintain control when they are too sexually excited.

Then Roger Bannister came along in and beat it…. And What happened? Most men want to be able to just wear her out… Make her beg for mercy… Make her brag to her friends the next day that you nearly killed her with pleasure… Make her too sore to sit down on a wooden chair… Make her lose her voice for 2 days from screaming so much the night before… So, for me, this kind of thing would be worth a lot… but look if you want to break it down into dollars and cents…. I have seen it happen over and over again. But this is not shameless B.

No questions asked. This is the same easy email address that you find on all of my newsletters and webpages: alex revolutionarysex.

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And just to make sure you understand that this is zero risk for you and entirely MY risk… even if you ask for the refund, you still get to KEEP the program. As soon as you complete your registration for the program, you will immediately be redirected to a welcome page where you will get full instructions for downloading the course materials for the first week. Dominate Your Ejaculation… Guaranteed! After you complete your transaction you will be immediately taken to a download page where you can get get started with the program right away.

I know that sounds weird but…. And when I write Newsletters on this subject, my tracking program tells me that they get opened and read by more men than any of the other newsletter subjects…. I end up selling almost no books from the links in these Newsletters compared with writing Newsletters about any other subject.


That is not my intention at all. Well… then… I think you really ought to examine what I have just written above. If you are one of my regular readers, then I hope you know me well enough by now to know that the reason I get so fired up about this stuff is not because I get to help you to last longer in bed…. For me, it was an amazing piece of self-discovery that when you are fully satisfied with your sex life, that the whole world becomes a more adventurous and interesting place.

There is more self-esteem, more self-trust, and a quieting of all that insecure mind-chatter that every man deals with now and then…. And the woman in your life will truly get to GLOW with feminine joy… and that is not only because she is getting good sex, but MORE… because women feel happy and secure when the man in their life is feeling confident and strong about himself. I hope you give me the opportunity to prove to you that it will work for you too.